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Facemask donation

Unfortunately, Dutch healthcare heroes still face an alarming shortage of protective medical equipment against Covid-19. That’s why today, along with our partners, we donated nearly 1 million euros worth of FFP2 face masks to the Dutch national collection point medical aids (LCH) and UMC Amsterdam hospital. These high-quality masks are approved for use in ICUs and accredited by the Dutch government. Thanks to our international trading knowledge and experience, we quickly set up our own distribution line, which we now also provide for interested parties - at no cost. Of course, we are not under the assumption that our initiative will solve the national Dutch face mask problem, but we believe that every little bit helps. Better together!


More than just a job

We recently launched the ‘More than just a job’ campaign on our social channels. Why? Because working at ACT is more than just a job. We can tell you that, but we thought it’s best to just show you. That is why we gave our employees some GoPros to show you what working at ACT is really like. Experience it, be in their shoes, follow our video sequence the upcoming weeks on our social channels!

Working from home

As many other companies, due to COVID-19, our teams are working from home to safeguard the health of our employees, clients, and community. Our recruiting team was already used to conducting job interviews by video as we have been recruiting internationally where the first rounds of interviews have always taken place remotely. Usually, once you reach the final stage of the recruitment process, you're invited to our office flying you out if necessary. We currently also have a workaround in place for that stage. With our recruitment continuing as usual, feel free to take a look at our vacancies or contact is in case of any questions.


As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to impact the globe, we want to update you on the actions we have been taking to sustain the highest quality service towards our clients while guaranteeing a safe and comfortable working environment for all of our colleagues.

As part of our business continuity and resiliency planning, all our offices across North America, Europe, and Asia are fully operational. We are following the guidelines of the local governments where our offices are located.

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