After several years of outsourcing our IT systems, we started to build on our own inhouse IT team in 2019. ACT IT’s main goal is to enable company growth and scalability by using the latest tools and technologies. We are responsible for strengthening the technological foundations as well as allowing the company to take a step into the future with finding innovative solutions that address complex problems.
We are a multi-cultural team that strives to learn from each other and work together towards our common goals. It is our strong belief that by better understanding each other we can become more effective and enjoy our work while we’re at it.
I excel when...
Love to challenge my brain
Optimizing and structuring
Triggered by complex products
An eye for business processes

Continuous Development at ACT

We believe that investing in raw talent benefits everyone long term. If you succeed, we succeed. From day one we go the extra mile to ensure that success happens throughout your career at ACT Commodities.
How we help you to shape your future
Your Personal Development Plan
Through the Talent Motivation Analysis (TMA) we discover each new recruit’s competence profile and use that as the basis for their personal development plan. Training at ACT Commodities is created to bring out the best in each person, addressing identified learning objectives to set up all of our rising stars for the best possible future. Together with our HR specialists you will work on a customized Personal Development Plan that provides you a roadmap for your personal growth and progress within ACT.
Team Workshops
During Team Workshops your team lead will set out the strategic plans for your team. Together you will decide which role fits your profile and gives you the opportunity to excel.
360° Feedback
We value continuous feedback. Therefore not just your direct manager, but all colleagues involved will help you to improve your performance. Regular reviews with management and among peers track progress from every angle to ensure consistent and continuous all-round development.
Team sessions
Every quarter you will have a team session to reflect on the targets, activities, communication, and collaboration within your team.
Training and education
To boost your development, we offer numerous training and education sessions. You can pick and choose, and decide which of your skills you want to take to the next level.
Why work here?

A training program that fits like a glove.

We want you to develop your skills and talent in the best possible way. Therefore you will enter our unique and personally tailored on-the-job training program with only one goal: to enable you to reach your full potential.

It’s more than a career.

You will be part of our enthusiastic and entrepreneurial team that consists of more than 30 nationalities from all over the world. We work hard, but also party hard during drinks, BBQ’s, company weekends, diners, boat trips and so on. So bring your smile and join the party.

We succeed together.

We offer you a transparent and good remuneration. You will receive a competitive salary, with the opportunity to make it even better with very attractive performance bonuses.

Get your own personal life coach.

Working at ACT is more than just learning the right skills and expertise. We also focus on your personal development and growth. That’s where your personal life coach comes in. Because we believe that the more you know about yourself, the more successful you will be.

All ingredients for success.

We enable you to reach your full potential. Therefore you will get all the knowledge and training necessary to develop your talents and become successful.

Reach higher, do better and learn more

ACT is rapidly growing and evolving, offering ample opportunities to expand your knowledge and hone your skills. This has allowed me to continuously challenge myself in ways I hadn’t even foreseen. For example, within the first six months of joining ACT New York, I relocated to Amsterdam to lead a global project implementation.


This was an area I hadn’t had a great deal of experience in but management had faith in me and I had faith in the rest of the team. We all grew together through the experience. If you are willing to reach higher, do better and learn more, there really aren’t any barriers at ACT.

Michael Vigario
Implementing innovative tech

After working for well-known investment banks like JPMorgan, Barclays, and UBS in major financial centers across the globe, an idea of building IT systems from scratch got me excited and my journey at ACT took off. Since then there has never been a dull moment.

The challenges of the trading floor will push you to implement innovative technical ideas that are feasible in the short term.  The ever-changing and the dynamic trading floor will always keep you on your toes and ensures continuous learning. Learning new technologies as well as the business will help to expand your horizon. Working together as a team not only makes ACT fun to work at but also ensures a higher success rate. Celebrating success is something inherent to ACT and keeps you motivated to reach greater heights.

Pravin Narvekar
Creating something from scratch and making an impact

I chose to work at ACT because the challenge of being part of a successful company that’s growing exponentially appealed to me. When I heard the IT department was only formed very recently, I was thrilled at the opportunity to help to create something from scratch and the huge positive impact I could potentially bring to the company. Scale-ups are exceptionally challenging as there is a lot of structure that has to be put into place, processes to create, changes to manage – these are all things I find exciting. The best thing about doing this at ACT is getting to work with highly motivated, energized, entrepreneurial, friendly people who have shared goals and a shared spirit of getting things done.

Nirit Michaeli

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to impact the globe, we want to update you on the actions we have been taking to sustain the highest quality service towards our clients while guaranteeing a safe and comfortable working environment for all of our colleagues.

As part of our business continuity and resiliency planning, all our offices across North America, Europe, and Asia are fully operational. We are following the guidelines of the local governments where our offices are located.

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