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How we help you to shape your future
It’s the kickstart of my career.

ACT’s Graduate Program is designed to facilitate me to become a successful trader. The complete program is aimed at bringing my trading skills to the next level. But it also focuses on my personal development and how I can utilize my talents. I get formal training, interactive sessions, simulations & role play challenges and feedback sessions on a regular basis.


The traineeship is about me and my development. And I get all the support to become a successful trader. ACT grows at a fast pace and it’s fantastic to be part of this winning team, really the best kickstart to my career!

Sander Hemelaar
I get the freedom to build my own client portfolio.

Within ACT you are responsible for building your own client portfolio whilst running your own shop. I consider sales trading as solving puzzles, connecting buyers and sellers at the right moment with the right product specifications. A career that allows me to be creative and entrepreneurial, this gives me a lot of energy. After a few years I am still excited to go to work every day.


I enjoy the opportunities we have for growth and our own informal way of doing business. We work hard and combine this with a lot of social activities with colleagues. If you are a people person, curious and have an entrepreneurial spirit, ACT offers you an open and dynamic business culture where new business ideas are welcomed and well rewarded.

Wouter Kuipers
Implementing innovative tech

After working for well-known investment banks like JPMorgan, Barclays, and UBS in major financial centers across the globe, an idea of building IT systems from scratch got me excited and my journey at ACT took off. Since then there has never been a dull moment.

The challenges of the trading floor will push you to implement innovative technical ideas that are feasible in the short term.  The ever-changing and the dynamic trading floor will always keep you on your toes and ensures continuous learning. Learning new technologies as well as the business will help to expand your horizon. Working together as a team not only makes ACT fun to work at but also ensures a higher success rate. Celebrating success is something inherent to ACT and keeps you motivated to reach greater heights.

Pravin Narvekar

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to impact the globe, we want to update you on the actions we have been taking to sustain the highest quality service towards our clients while guaranteeing a safe and comfortable working environment for all of our colleagues.

As part of our business continuity and resiliency planning, all our offices across North America, Europe, and Asia are fully operational. We are following the guidelines of the local governments where our offices are located.

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