Business Development Analyst - Gas
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I excel when...
Business development
Love to challenge my brain
Making an impact
Part of the family
Triggered by complex products
We are famous for our collaborative approach to trading. It helps us partner with our clients, drives how we work as a team and guarantees success. As a Business Analyst your sharp mind, strong analytical skills and entrepreneurial mindset will set you up for a great career.

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Are you looking for a position in Amsterdam where you can combine your analytical and business development skills? Discovering new markets and products? Is your personality best described as ambitious, analytical and are you curious about global commodity trading?


The Business Development Analyst role is crucial in the building and the development of the business. Your job will be about understanding a complex and dynamic marketplace where changing legislation, product availability and client requirements add up to opportunities for developing new markets. As an ACT Commodities Business Developer Analyst you get to do it all, from building client relationships to identifying and sourcing suitable products and creating new market opportunities.


Your responsibilities will include: 

  •  Undertake research and analysis across a wide range of commodity markets to apply expertise to the
  •  Lead components of project delivery, under guidance from management & traders
  •  Liaise with the traders to ensure current knowledge of oil and gas products and maintain current
     knowledge of major drivers and trends across commodity markets
  •  Identify new sources of business, and help develop new trading desks or new way to trade
     specific products
  •  Provide data and analysis in support of monthly and annual publications
  •  Identify new areas of commodity trading for the group



  •  Knowledge in Power & Gas
  •  Fluent in English and fluent in one of the following languages: German, Spanish, Portuguese,
  •  Bachelor’s/ Master's degree, 
  •  2- 4 years’ experience 
  •  Experience analyzing data with excellent attention to detail
  •  Intellectually curious and able to demonstrate structured problem solving and analytical skills
  •  Strong verbal and written communication skills
  •  Aptitude for taking initiative, a commercial and creative mind with an entrepreneurial attitude


Apply today and discover ACT Commodities!

I am the vital link between our traders and new markets

I am ambitious and eager to develop my analytical skills. I am able to understand complex and dynamic marketplaces. Intellectually curious, detail oriented and sociable. Performing at the top of my game will earn me a place in the successful team at ACT Commodities.

Room to keep improving

At ACT Commodities I get the full support of my personal coach. I always know what my next goal is and how and with whom I’ll reach it.
But don’t worry, you’re not on your own. We are there for you all the way.
Because at ACT we get things done together.

That’s what we call collaborative trading because together we…
More about ACT
Why work here?

Get your own personal life coach.

Working at ACT is more than just learning the right skills and expertise. We also focus on your personal development and growth. That’s where your personal life coach comes in. Because we believe that the more you know about yourself, the more successful you will be.

It’s more than a career.

You will be part of our enthusiastic and entrepreneurial team that consists of more than 30 nationalities from all over the world. We work hard, but also party hard during drinks, BBQ’s, company weekends, diners, boat trips and so on. So bring your smile and join the party.

We succeed together.

We offer you a transparent and good remuneration. You will receive a competitive salary, with the opportunity to make it even better with very attractive performance bonuses.

All ingredients for success.

We enable you to reach your full potential. Therefore you will get all the knowledge and training necessary to develop your talents and become successful.

A training program that fits like a glove.

We want you to develop your skills and talent in the best possible way. Therefore you will enter our unique and personally tailored on-the-job training program with only one goal: to enable you to reach your full potential.

The thrill of closing deals excites me.

I enjoy being highly independent while still being part of a team. I’ve never experienced a job where time flies this fast! Working at ACT means constantly thinking in order to stay one step ahead, considering what our clients’ needs will be before they have even thought about them themselves. I continue to learn a lot from ACT’s well-built relationships and strong business model. After a solid sales training, I got the opportunities to develop my own style. ACT’s philosophy incorporates investing in people. We invest well in our clients, but even more so in our traders. Personal and team development ranks high on our agenda.

Daniel Schneider
You can be on the front lines of trading from day one.

At ACT you get the opportunity to start building your book of business, working with clients and closing trades from day one. You don’t have to wait until you’ve established a long career to be on the front lines like in many other financial firms. I got the autonomy to figure things out, but always get great support from Desk Managers and other Sales Traders. It’s a team effort.


The atmosphere is far better than any other job I’ve had. Both on a personal and professional level. New York is a real hub for success. It’s amazing how dynamic the city is and how it attracts the best of the best across so many fields and industries.

Tom Wray
I get the freedom to build my own client portfolio.

Within ACT you are responsible for building your own client portfolio whilst running your own shop. I consider sales trading as solving puzzles, connecting buyers and sellers at the right moment with the right product specifications. A career that allows me to be creative and entrepreneurial, this gives me a lot of energy. After a few years I am still excited to go to work every day.


I enjoy the opportunities we have for growth and our own informal way of doing business. We work hard and combine this with a lot of social activities with colleagues. If you are a people person, curious and have an entrepreneurial spirit, ACT offers you an open and dynamic business culture where new business ideas are welcomed and well rewarded.

Wouter Kuipers