Corporate Recruiter
I’m always looking for new ways to find the right candidates from around Europe. - Hilda, Recruiter
I excel when...
An eye for talent
Finding that hidden gem that fits
Good listener
Understand peoples drivers
We are at the top of our game. But unlike others, ACT Commodities achieves success through a uniquely people-centric approach to trading. Naturally, our recruiters are the ambassadors of this thinking and always on the lookout for like-minded candidates: down-to-earth, vibrant, ambitious and sociable.

More about the job

Are you ready for responsibility? Do you have a strong sense for spotting young talent and can you level with the millennials of this world? Are you quick at your feet and are you able to guide candidates as professionally as possible?



Since ACT is growing tremendously, it is your job to attract new talent. You conduct thorough research into how we expand our network and give your manager input on the strategy to be followed. Which (foreign) events do we need and what do we tell candidates? On which channels do we want to create visibility and why? At which universities and at which student associations do we find the best students, and how do we optimize their candidate journey throughout our recruiting procedures?

As an International Recruiter within our team we offer you room for initiative; you are going to run your own show. You manage the entire recruitment process from beginning to end: you seek candidates, interview them and enthuse them to work for us. Are you able to make the perfect match? Then you make the job offer and conduct the negotiations. ACT grew quickly the past couple of years from start up to scale up but we never make concessions on quality. You get that and only go for the very best people. Down-to-earth, vibrant, ambitious and emphatic types. Those with a strong affinity with sales, not afraid to travel a lot and a good dose of initiative and independence to let their entrepreneurial character flourish. But always as part of the team. A bit like yourself actually.



We work hard on 'recruitment 2.0' with our recruitment team. To keep up with the rapid growth of ACT and the solid growth ambitions, a number of challenging projects are planned. For example, we implemented a new ATS (candidate database) earlier this year, our new career page is online since January! and there are many other projects pending regarding the candidate experience, the development of new selection methods and optimizing of our current sourcing channels. This really is your chance to pioneer. Do you have ideas how to improve other processes? We invite you to share your input from day one. In a working environment with thirty-five different nationalities it is almost impossible not to broaden your horizons. Together with you, we will put ACT Commodities on the map, in the Netherlands and abroad. That means you always have to have your passport ready.



We are ambitious and work hard at ACT, but we have never heard of the word 'boring' here. Action, dynamism and adrenaline: you can feel the ambition and energy within our office as soon as you step inside.

Successes are celebrated and ACT is happy to share rather it is on our infamous barbecues, out of office drinks, Christmas dinners or incentives for reaching targets: these are all things you sign up for if this job suits you. But that is not everything. At ACT we strongly believe that you can perform the best if you feel good. Several days a week, an external life coach comes to the office with whom - if you feel like it - you can talk about your development, about what challenges you are up against and / or about things which you are (un) satisfied about. It generates new energy to create tools that help you get the best out of yourself in business and private life.



Did you finish your HBO/WO studies, preferably in the direction of HRM, Social and Organization Psychology or Business Administration? Do you preferably also have experience as a recruiter either at a corporate or agency side?
Then we are certainly open to meet you! 

Successful recruitment doesn’t stop at the gate

I understand that successful recruitment doesn’t stop at the gate. By showing a keen interest in optimizing candidates’ career journeys throughout the recruitment process, seamlessly connecting new hires to their personal development programs within ACT.

Passport ready?

Always. Working within an international environment broadens my horizon. I will put will ACT Commodities on the map, in the Netherlands and abroad.
But don’t worry, you’re not on your own. We are there for you all the way.
Because at ACT we get things done together.

That’s what we call collaborative trading because together we…
Why work here?

A training program that fits like a glove.

We want you to develop your skills and talent in the best possible way. Therefore you will enter our unique and personally tailored on-the-job training program with only one goal: to enable you to reach your full potential.

Score great deals and awesome goals.

On top of developing your skills you can also develop your foosball skills. But be aware for our goal getter Paul! Are you more in for a game of table tennis? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

All ingredients for success.

We enable you to reach your full potential. Therefore you will get all the knowledge and training necessary to develop your talents and become successful.

It’s more than a career.

You will be part of our enthusiastic and entrepreneurial team that consists of more than 30 nationalities from all over the world. We work hard, but also party hard during drinks, BBQ’s, company weekends, diners, boat trips and so on. So bring your smile and join the party.

Get your own personal life coach.

Working at ACT is more than just learning the right skills and expertise. We also focus on your personal development and growth. That’s where your personal life coach comes in. Because we believe that the more you know about yourself, the more successful you will be.

Develop, re-invent and challenge the status quo.

Throughout ACT you feel this constant thirst for excellence that allowed us to grow quickly and successfully. Within that ever-changing and dynamic environment comes the opportunity to work on things that are already set in stone in so many other organizations. This entrepreneurial spirit you feel throughout the company. From day one I’ve been given the chance to pioneer and challenge the status quo. You really can do things differently here.



Esmée Trimbos
ACT goes the extra mile to give me the tools to become successful.

ACT’s growth strategy in physical environmental commodities is a perfect fit with my Logistics and Operations experience and my passion for renewable energy. What I really like about my work is the continuously changing environment and working with customers to create solutions so that they can keep their plants running.


ACT cares about training their employees and ensuring that they are reaching their potential. They go the extra mile to give me the tools I need to be successful. And when we are successful, everybody is part of the celebration. I can’t think of a better place to work hard and play hard. Last but not least, I get to experience NY with a group of coworkers who are also good friends.

Kirsten McLaughlin
Encountering new situations on a daily basis

I started working at ACT because I wanted to be in a working environment that would really allow me to grow. I certainly got what I was hoping for! Ever since I joined ACT, every day has been different, my learning curve has been very steep because of it. 


You learn as you go and I’ve experienced first hand that if you succeed, everybody is genuinely happy for you. Everybody is willing to work hard and make the best out of every day. We are target driven, we are ambitious but always together as a team. That means when a target is accomplished, we also celebrate each other’s success. This teamspirit keeps everybody going!

Olaf Pauw