Recruitment Sourcer
When I first came to the office, I was excited about the young and eager company culture. - Mario, Operations
I excel when...
An eye for detail
Cold calling doesn't scare me
Connecting to people
Finding that hidden gem that fits
Love talking to people
We excel at what we do. But unlike others, our success is not just the result of hard work and professional expertise: we apply a uniquely people-centric approach to trading.

More about the job

Are you data-driven, but do you have a passion for people? Are you interested in marketing from both a quantitative and qualitative side? Do you want to help people find the ultimate job? Then this job could be for you!


One of the biggest constraints to the already impressive growth of ACT Commodities is hiring. Within the ACT Commodities Recruitment Team we don’t want to be a bottleneck, so we strive to be the best in our field. Given the challenges we face, in terms of sheer numbers and types of profiles, we need to be! As a team, we have recently improved screening and selection skills, and standardized our recruitment process. Now we need to get more candidates and that’s where you come in!


For our recruitment team in Amsterdam, we are looking for a sourcing strategist or strategic sourcer (one vacancy). As a team member that focuses on the first part of the recruitment process, you support in generating as many quality candidates as you can. Of course, we already source and advertise, but we would need you to help us with the following:

  • Devising new ways to source. In such, discover how to approach candidates with sexy messages and finding and utilizing all available job boards/forums/etc. Then teach us what works.
  • Building strategic pipelines. We have a recruitment plan and know now who we want to hire Q4 2020. You can help us find talent before need.
  • Setting up perfect job adverts. With your passion for writing to your audience and knowing exactly which channels to set up for which target group, we generate the talent we need. We have ambitious growth plans, and a job marketing budget to match, show us how we can best utilize this.
  • Getting into metrics. We currently run basic reports in our ATS (Greenhouse) on the recruitment funnels and incoming sources. Also, we have basic Google Analytics set up. But with your help, we will be able to track everything from average cpc to time & cost to hire, to get a clear view on all ratio’s.
  • Setting strategic plans for the team. At this moment, we set our priorities on a weekly basis and review every morning. However, with the amount of activities, it’s tough for us to maintain focus at all times. As a sourcing strategist, you will help us out to keep our target set clearly and our activities focused.

That’s a lot of responsibilities, right? You can see, we need you. And we think that you could be a very good match if you are on many levels similar to the following profile:

  • You love to dive into digits, databases, and personal stories. Nothing gets you more excited than having a plan come to getter, whether it is a peak in applications or your headhunt getting hired to a dream job.
  • You can write. In fact, even though this advertisement is fun and different, you’ve got some ideas.
  • You want to learn. It would be lovely if we could hire someone with the right experience, but we are also open to a junior with the right competencies and skills. However, we can’t teach you that you should learn. We are all about getting better all the time, we need you to feel the same.
  • You’ve got the right attitude. Again we can’t teach you to be cheerful and constructive every day, so we select on it. In fact, it’s a deal breaker for nearly all of our vacancies, we’re not making an exception here. In short, be your happy self and we will want you! You will fit right in with the happy rest.

And oh! We’ve got so much to offer.

  • Market rate salary based around your experience.
  • A bonus structure and incentives (we can tell you in person how great these are).
  • Discounts on the gym next to our office, discounts on your insurance, and a pension scheme.
  • Detailed development plan for this position tailored around your current skills, to develop you to be one of the world’s best sourcers.
  • Wonderfully social colleagues (again we select on social skills), weekly drinks, and many other company events.
  • A very classy office on the Gustav Mahler in Amsterdam-Zuid.
  • A growing company in a growing market with unparalleled ambitions.


Are you looking for a challenge where you can genuinely contribute? Do want to develop your skills towards strategy, job marketing, sourcing and recruitment? Then apply before October 15th!


Still got some questions? Call Rogier Zevenbergen on 020-2362903.


Note to all recruitment agencies: I know you have a job to do, but we really don’t need support here. Thanks!

Room to keep improving

At ACT Commodities I get the full support of my personal coach. I always know what my next goal is and how and with whom I’ll reach it.

Seeing a the results of my work makes me smile

I love efficiency. Helping my colleagues in trading deliver on their promises to clients. That’s what I call shared satisfaction.
But don’t worry, you’re not on your own. We are there for you all the way.
Because at ACT we get things done together.

That’s what we call collaborative trading because together we…
More about ACT
Why work here?

A training program that fits like a glove.

We want you to develop your skills and talent in the best possible way. Therefore you will enter our unique and personally tailored on-the-job training program with only one goal: to enable you to reach your full potential.

Score great deals and awesome goals.

On top of developing your skills you can also develop your foosball skills. But be aware for our goal getter Paul! Are you more in for a game of table tennis? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

All ingredients for success.

We enable you to reach your full potential. Therefore you will get all the knowledge and training necessary to develop your talents and become successful.

It’s more than a career.

You will be part of our enthusiastic and entrepreneurial team that consists of more than 30 nationalities from all over the world. We work hard, but also party hard during drinks, BBQ’s, company weekends, diners, boat trips and so on. So bring your smile and join the party.

Get your own personal life coach.

Working at ACT is more than just learning the right skills and expertise. We also focus on your personal development and growth. That’s where your personal life coach comes in. Because we believe that the more you know about yourself, the more successful you will be.

Develop, re-invent and challenge the status quo.

Throughout ACT you feel this constant thirst for excellence that allowed us to grow quickly and successfully. Within that ever-changing and dynamic environment comes the opportunity to work on things that are already set in stone in so many other organizations. This entrepreneurial spirit you feel throughout the company. From day one I’ve been given the chance to pioneer and challenge the status quo. You really can do things differently here.



Esmée Trimbos
ACT goes the extra mile to give me the tools to become successful.

ACT’s growth strategy in physical environmental commodities is a perfect fit with my Logistics and Operations experience and my passion for renewable energy. What I really like about my work is the continuously changing environment and working with customers to create solutions so that they can keep their plants running.


ACT cares about training their employees and ensuring that they are reaching their potential. They go the extra mile to give me the tools I need to be successful. And when we are successful, everybody is part of the celebration. I can’t think of a better place to work hard and play hard. Last but not least, I get to experience NY with a group of coworkers who are also good friends.

Kirsten McLaughlin
Encountering new situations on a daily basis

I started working at ACT because I wanted to be in a working environment that would really allow me to grow. I certainly got what I was hoping for! Ever since I joined ACT, every day has been different, my learning curve has been very steep because of it. 


You learn as you go and I’ve experienced first hand that if you succeed, everybody is genuinely happy for you. Everybody is willing to work hard and make the best out of every day. We are target driven, we are ambitious but always together as a team. That means when a target is accomplished, we also celebrate each other’s success. This teamspirit keeps everybody going!

Olaf Pauw